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Best Face Moisturizer For Dehydrated Skin

Is your skin flaking, irritated, dull, and rough? Ok, we are here to help. But before, let’s make things clear about “dry/dehydrated” confusion. Is there any difference? Yes, there is. Dehydration is a widespread skin’s condition when it lacks water due to the weakened barrier. It’s a temporary phenomenon and can be rather easily corrected by moisturizing cosmetics. Dry skin is […]

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Is CeraVe moisturizing cream good for your face? Extended scientific review

Modern dermatologists argue that epidermal barrier dysfunction plays a role in both temporary skin issues such as itching, dullness and cracking (which are usually symptoms of skin dehydration) and more complex problems like atopic dermatitis and acne. Dermatologists emphasize two main problems in impaired barrier skin:Excessive evaporation of water. Normally, water enters through the epidermis todeliver […]

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Is Vanicream good for your skin? – Moisturizing skin cream review

Manufacturers of this cream claim it’s free of many controversial substances, like parabens, sulfates, lanolin, formaldehyde, and artificial fragrances. And that’s true: Vanicream’s ingredient list is quite simple and transparent, containing only 11 items. Let’s find out how this cream works and  if  it’s a good choice for everyday use.PetrolatumSince it’s listed right after water on […]

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